Welcome at home. At the most beautiful place in the world!  

When we are feeling really good in our own home its possible to fully enjoy being at home. 

And what makes this happen? One important thing is that the decoration strikes a chord with you. I am glad to support you achieving this!

With compassion and know-how. With an eye to the individual room character. With suiting lifestyle and design elements. With a proper sense of the personal budget level, because style is not necessary a question of high cost and great effort. And last but not least, with a love of detail I create a stylish environment to feel at home in. 


 "An impressive and irresistible first glance that counts" 

Elegant as in Paris

Enjoy a stylish “Look and Feel”, which I offer for your home.  Individuality and personality are trendy but the uniform look does not convince. As we feel well with a new outfit, I am able to create the same feeling for your own four walls. For example by creative season decoration, that offers new feelings again and again.

"Charming decoration is your most versatile beauty"

Trendy as in New York

The basic style is the essential point. When found it is a base to build on with a constant and a stylistic confidence. This ensures a design solution the lasts over the years.

"The Basic style is the foundation for inspiring furnishing and Dekoration" 

Cool as in Berlin

Anonymous as in a big city but very domestic. A home to feel well in, to experience happiness and harmony. That is a home where you always can live your own lifestyle. We all can experience this luxury while style does not have anything to do with budget.

 "Is the personal belongings that makes a home to our own" 

Romantic as 1000& 1 night in Dubai

There are so many wonderful and individual possibilities for the interior design of your home. I will show you how we find the right ones  - and realize them just as you like.

"The wizard to discover a design - and to enjoy the magic"

Easy as in Stockholm

When your inner personality also is reflected in your style, you feel fully satisfied – you are fully savoring the enjoyment of the Hygge lifestyle.

"Lust and pleasure meets"

Hygge – is a Scandinavian term, a philosophy of life and means: cozy, harmonic, satisfied, happy, secure, intimate, sweet home, joyfulness, positive lifestyle.

"Life with hygge – lifestyle meets interior design"

At hygge sig - make it cozy for yourself :)