Home styling

Home styling with a loving attention to detail 

The places where we live are also a mirror of our personality. We want to feel well in our retreats and it should be “Hyggelig” as the Danes says: cozy, harmonic and at the same time tasteful and stylish.

As a passionate interior designer I love to work with the most varying styles and designs. Whether apartment, house or office: With enthusiasm I create a unique, harmonic retreat and gives your object into a stylish convincing overall picture.


Privates home styling

Stylish harmony for your own four walls

You would like to redesign your home but you do not have the ideas, time or the right touch? Please let me inspire you with my creativity. With commitment and Enthusiasm I design a harmonic interior, I create a suitable color concept and put your home in the best light with luminaires and laps. The highlights are deco elements and Accessories. Always with your personality in focus. That is why I integrate your individual favorite pieces to design a harmonious overall concept. This combined with interior design and functionality I create atmosphere in which you really feel at home.

 Experience change-new styling each season

Live airy and light in summer and comfortably cozy in winter-hard to implement? On the contrary, a functional basic design opens up for different styling and it does not have to be expensive. Already with relatively simple means and with your existing interior design I create a new look. Depending on season, lifestyle and interior trends and always tailor made for you.


Construction, conversion and renovation plans 

 Create visions. Show perspectives

Often it is not so easy to image how the naked rooms in a newly built or reconstructed house looks like when furnished. This is why I like to support you with  useful tips and inspiring visions. Let us speak about your wishes and ideas. I am glad to advice you in detail on a stylish and harmonic design of your new living space.


Design for commercial space 

Professional styling for hotels, restaurants and companies  

You would like to have a consistent overall picture of your company? A modern and up to date design of your hotels? Or your restaurant  should become the crowd magnet the new look. With a good instinct for trends and a trained eye I design your object tasteful and stylish. With pleasure I advice you on your interior design project and it need not necessarily to be expensive. Often is a modern repainting enough. With matching textile design and well–placed accessories a new image is created in no time. I am happy to create a design concept that invites to linger and makes you feel at home.