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Modern, eccentric and nevertheless a welcoming home. The trend color grey, beige and black ensures a plain well being and I find them improving, through combination with beautiful and noble wooden tones, the sheltered coziness.  Suitable for strong characters. 

Elegance is always worth a glance. The living style of eternal coziness-by passing the short-lived fashion trends. I work with outstanding decoration consisting of different materials and warm colors creating a timeless living style that defines personality and loyalty.

Romantic & girly pure: Florets, pastel colors, various materials and playful wooden furniture, can very well be combined with modern accessories creating an unparalleled and excellent sense of space. Courage to combine old and new, suits above all the ones favoring the shabby-chic lifestyle that value originality more than perfection. A charming and positive character.

Sporty –elegance meets interior design. 


Gold- yellow makes the rooms more extravagant, lavish, noble, gentle and at the same time luxurious and creates a comfortable ambiance at home. I think that gold excellently can be deployed in the modern and elegant living style as well as in the mix and especially combined with fine color nuances shows a particular WOW effect.

Are you dreaming of freedom, individuality, comfort and stylish living? With a holistic planning from the start up to the pure living experience it is possible to create a harmonic entity. I match the house, living space and the outdoor facilities and create a basic style for you, to be enjoyed over many years. This enables that your lifestyle & season decoration easily and anytime can be adapted and suiting everyone’s budget.

Natural tones-makes your room more alive and simultaneously cozy.  By combining material and tones well they provide a relaxing and timeless look. I also put a lot of value in the illumination that is important for the feeling.


Glamour-draw the curtain! The living style that shines and wears velvet, it mirrors itself in gold and silver. Glamour is about big dreams and is not the favorite of the fans of the industrial design trend. What I use in glamour design are large mirrors and chandeliers (preferably genuine antiquity) heavy fabrics, wallpapers with patterns, large paintings and vases. 

Classic living-timeless. I keep the furniture, tiles and floor coverings quite plain, hereby you can again and again, quite easy and cost efficient, create a new look & feel with textiles and decoration. Thereby being independent from a certain style, colors or design over many years. The living space adapts to your lifestyle easily through this. 

The no-frills design-straight lines and furniture those are practical for modern esthetic and tidiness. By furnishing I pay attention that glass and shiny surfaces can be used and merges with the colors tones.

Completely open-playful and able to change. Children and teen room are always a challenge. Particularly pay attention to the possibility to unfold and change with the child. In a formative basic and stylistic confident designed room it is the memorabilia and personal objects that makes a room beam with joy.

Puritan living puts the room up front, only the basic furniture are used, little decoration and clear colors. Where possible discreet natural colors defines a room. I pay attention to that the essentials in everyday life is catered for and that the design is simplistic.


Pop-Art-vibrant colors, art and posters characterize a room. Premises suitable for impressive people that loves adventures. A room can be decorated according to taste in different patterns, colors, furniture and break in style. When the personal old and new finds their right places a Pop-Art room becomes personal. 

Scandinavian living design shows us the joie de vivre and attention to detail. There are many ways to describe the Scandinavian style; the modern furnished, the designed room emphasizing linearity and on the other side the playful affectionate style that decorating with historical furniture, pattern and laces. But through the blend; the lightness and the great love for nature characterize the Scandinavian look.  

Modern country in conjunction with Landhaus brings the coziness in the premises. Warm colors, natural textiles as linen and leather, wood and stone are characteristic for this style. I decorate readily reflecting this taste with lots of pillows and use romantic decoration that I put in foreground.



 Bring new shine to an old real-estate.