About me

"smile and the world smiles with you" 

 Hello, my name is Tanja Rönnlund, a passionate family person, an affectionate mum and design enthusiast. The love has brought me to i Germany and Finland. I was able to gain experience and contacts both in the two as well as in Austria, Sweden and Spain.

Already early on I had affection for design and decoration. I have been working as interior designer around ten years and received my certificate as Interior Architect with excellent grades 2013.

My philosophy is: A home becomes unique through the people living there. Due to this personal and non replaceable objects have a very special role in my decoration.  This is how your home becomes the most beautiful place in the world.

As Interior designer from the heart and soul are diverse people, stylistic directions and countries a source for inspiration. It is especially the small things that make big impression and brings a smile. That is why functional basic design is the foundation for my work, while this opens up for creativity and new styling ideas. I love the combination of new and old when designing. This is how very personal and unique living atmosphere are created.

I am glad to advice you regarding your property, styling and decoration needs and looking forward to your contact. 

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