3D virtual reality plan 

Be enchanted by your new home in 3D

Join me on a fascinating journey on which you will discover your premises in a totally new way. Starting from your wishes I create individual interior designs, full of ideas, inspiration and personality, that you can experience as impressive realistic 3D animations.

Feel free to fantasize and see it as ready in beforehand

The virtual reality planning makes it possible for you to get a realistic feeling for your redesigned home. All this even before any work or first purchase has been done. Discover new floor coverings, colors full of atmosphere, an exiting interior and decoration elements that consummates the new design-be enchanted.

What if it does not fit your dreams? Then it is easy to change areas, furniture, and colors and so on until the redesign lives up to your dreams, as it should be.

Redesigning your home and also using your existing favorite furnishings

 Not only new impressions are waiting for you on the inspiring 3D-trip that also can take place-using VR glasses also with smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can just as well integrate existing furnishings and elements in the virtual 360-degree-tour. In this way you rediscover your favorite furniture, personal pictures and textiles that are harmoniously embedded in the new design. This option is also ideal to verify if the existing furnishing is fitting the new property.

Click here if you want to experience a free test of a 3D virtuality Tour.

Ideal for the home of your own or for real estates for sale or hire

 Whether you wish a new interior design for your home or present a real estate for sale or rent in its best light for potential customers: The virtual 3D reality enable you to explore multiple scenarios, that you can take your time and let influence on you. This will save you time and money and ensures an inspiring outcome within your budget. 

The virtual world comes true

When the design of your dream is come upon, then if you wish, I can order all furniture, textiles and accessories - and also realize the interior project. Hereby the only thing you need to do is enjoying your new premises

Have I made you curious how your own four walls would look like in the 3-D reality? If so then please contact me and we can start our journey. Click here or on www.luftschloss2go.com.